H. Mills Gallivan Named President-Elect of the

Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel

GWB shareholder H. Mills Gallivan has been named President-Elect of the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC) with his term as President-Elect ending in July of 2016. The FDCC is composed of recognized leaders in the legal community. The FDCC is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, fellowship, and professionalism of its members as they pursue the course of a balanced justice system and represent those in need of a defense in civil lawsuits. Gallivan has spent over 39 years serving clients as a civil defense litigator in the areas of workplace practices, personal injury, and commercial matters.  He now focuses his practice on mediation, alternative dispute resolution and serving as a Special Referee.  He also continues to be a significant influence on GWB’s litigation practices.  READ MORE

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