We take a proactive approach to assist businesses in creating document and electronically stored information (ESI) retention and preservation. Our attorneys are proficient in anticipating e-discovery issues in the context of litigation to avoid costly discovery disputes.

Our e-discovery attorneys are experienced in implementing litigation holds in complex cases, including class actions. Once litigation begins, we assist businesses and individuals in identifying, preserving, collecting, storing, reviewing, and producing ESI. A brief mention of our representative experiences includes:

  • Mapping ESI data and resources.
  • Creating ESI retention and destruction policies and procedures.
  • Extracting and imaging mobile devices.
  • Coordinating with counsel nationally in regards to ESI issues
  • Offering e-discovery education and training programs for clients

Hire one of our experienced attorneys to provide legal counsel in any of the following areas:

  • Education and training for employees at all levels to ensure compliance with company document retention policies and applicable laws.
  • Advice, staffing and representation at all stages of the e-discovery process.
  • Legal strategy and advice and briefing related to e-discovery related motions and disputes.
  • Development and implementation of quality control and privilege processes and procedures.

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