New Continuing Education Program Offered by Workers’ Compensation Team

Adjusters, insurance carriers, employers, third-party administrators, and claims-servicing agencies, as well as self-insured businesses in North Carolina are required to complete pre-determined continuing education every two years. While South Carolina does not have these requirements, many organizations encourage their employees to stay up to date on developing trends in Workers’ Compensation laws through CEU programs.

  • North Carolina – 24 hours of accredited continuing education programming every two years, including 3 hours of ethics programming.

Prodiving these educational opportunities can be trying and expensive for many organizations. For this reason, GWB’s Workers’ Compensation Team has developed the Adjuster, Carrier & Employer Continuing Education Program (A.C.E.). Drawing on their years of combined experience, GWB’s Workers’ Compensation Team members provide both insurance and corporate clients with a number of engaging accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the form of in-house presentations, seminars, and webinars in an interactive learning environment.

CEUs within the program often deal with recent and developing trends in workers’ compensation law and legislation, but can also be tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of the client, with particular emphasis on ways to avoid, minimize, or manage on-the-job injuries and related litigation.  Additionally, the A.C.E. program will begin offering timely webinars that address significant changes in the law as well as procedural changes made by the Commission.
The A.C.E. program may be scheduled one, two, three or four times a year depending on the preference of the client.  The program is offered at no cost and reduces the expenses associated with the mandated continuing education for GWB clients.

To schedule seminars or for questions, please contact one of the Workers’ Compensation Team attorneys or the firm’s marketing director, Kevin Dehlinger, at 864-271-5369 or

Continuing Education Units Currently Offered By GWB

  • Jeopardy:  An Interactive Take on SC and NC Workers’ Compensation Law
  • NC and SC Workers’ Compensation Law Updates
  • Mediation Regulations
  • Disability Ratings
  • Ethics: Communication with Physicians
  • Handling Complex & Catastrophic Claims
  • Issues of Undocumented Workers
  • NC Workers’ Compensation Act Reform
  • Effectively Terminating Benefits
  • Investigating and Negotiating Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Comprehensive Review of Forms & Fines in South Carolina
  • NC & SC Workers’ Comp Law 101