Back into the Light

C. Stuart Mauney

Studies show that lawyers are three times more likely to suffer from depression than any other profession. The rate of substance abuse disorders is twice that of the general population. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among attorneys, after cancer and heart disease. Perhaps you know someone who is struggling with such a problem. Let me introduce you to someone who has been there. The lyrics to singer and songwriter James Taylor’s song “Down in
the Hole” include the following:

Welcome down underground,
hunker down a spell.
Gets to feel like home to me
though I know it looks like hell.
Down in the hole,
Lord, it’s deep and the sides are steep.
And the nights are long and cold,
down in the hole.
Light and love and the world above
mean nothing to the mole.

Taylor has called this song his anthem to depression. He knew about the hole, the hole so deep, so dark, sides so steep, with no obvious way out. James Taylor had been there…

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Back into the LightTortSource, Volume 17, No. 4
Summer 2015