Attorney Kyle White Introduces Law To Local High School Students

Job Shadowing - Kyle White 3-5-14

Gallivan White and Boyd, P.A. recently had the opportunity to become involved with students aspiring to become attorneys at TL Hanna High School located in Anderson, SC.  Brett Thompson, Introduction to Law Teacher at TL Hanna, practiced law in Georgia before deciding to become a teacher.  He invites guest speakers from various areas of the law to speak to his class throughout the semester.  Mr. Thompson thought the best way to give his students a clearer picture of what practicing law might be like would be to invite attorneys from various law firms and practice areas to his classroom.

Kyle White, an associate in the GWB Product Liability Group, was invited to speak to the class regarding the defense of product liability and other complex litigation cases. The class was thoroughly engaged during his presentation.  Kyle enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the students.  “It was obvious to me from the questions that the students were asking that they have learned a lot in the class, and that they were interested in the subject.  From my perspective, the experience was quite refreshing,” stated Kyle.  The class seemed especially captivated with stories about Kyle’s run-ins with killer bees, poisonous snakes, and the like while gathering documents and interviewing witnesses in a rural part of Central America.

Mr. Thompson also requires his Introduction to Law students to shadow an attorney for a day as part of the class curriculum.  Two of Mr. Thompson’s students, Natasha Elliott and Joseph Roneker, requested to shadow Kyle.  During their visit, Kyle walked Natasha and Joseph through some of the common issues that product liability defense attorneys face, and provided examples of how those issues play out in real life.  “The experience was educational.  We have learned a tremendous amount about the law from Mr. Thompson’s class, but to see the concepts applied in an actual law office added another level of understanding,” stated Joseph.  Additionally, Kyle spoke with Natasha and Joseph about all of the moving parts of a law firm and how GWB employees at all levels play a crucial role in the high-quality representation the firm provides its clients.  According to Natasha, “I have always wanted to help people.  I always understood that people charged with a crime or going through a family issue need help from lawyers, but Mr. White helped me realize during his presentation that people who work hard to build companies need help from lawyers too.”

Kyle welcomed the opportunity to introduce these students to business and commercial law.  The experience was beneficial for all-involved.  Kyle and the rest of GWB wish the best of luck to Natasha, Joseph, and Mr. Thompson’s class.  Kyle and the firm are very thankful for the opportunity to have an impact on the education of aspiring attorneys.